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eGenoa Gives the Wicked Shamrock a New Look with Firestone Wraps

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Wicked Shamrock

To celebrate and support the growing craft beer industry in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County, eGenoa has teamed up with Firestone Walker Brewing Company to provide some new flair for The Wicked Shamrock.

Based in Paso Robles, CA, Firestone has been around since 1996 and has grown into one of the area’s most popular breweries. Currently, it has two taprooms on California’s Central Coast, the “Barrelworks” taproom that makes small batches of barrel-aged sour beer, partnerships with international breweries, and distribution to many other states in the US.

eGenoa has partnered with Firestone Walker on multiple occasions in the past to create vehicle wraps for trucks and trailers, as well as other projects.

The Wicked Shamrock is a bar located in Lompoc, California, a town that is a short drive from the 101 freeway and a part of the up and coming craft beer, small winery, and artisan food culture in the area. The bar heavily features craft beer with a whopping total of 42 taps.

Of these,13 handles currently serve beer made by Firestone Walker. Bar owner, Ben, and the manager, Chris, have promised to reserve 9-10 handles for Firestone at all times.

The Wicked Shamrock Beer Board

With this strong connection between these two businesses and eGenoa, it was only natural that eGenoa work with Firestone Walker to dress up The Wicked Shamrock with branded graphic wraps. Heavily featured in these graphics is the popular 805 Blonde Ale, named for the area code that both Firestone Walker and The Wicked Shamrock share.

Our 3M Certified team installed vinyl wraps onto the bar where patrons enjoy their local brews. They also decked out the well-loved pool tables with photo graphics featuring 805 beer and celebrating the Central Coast lifestyle. Both the Firestone team and the owner and manager of The Wicked Shamrock were impressed by the smooth installation and high definition graphics.

Wicked Shamrock Bar Wrap


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White Space: Not Always White, but Always Good for Graphics

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

White Space

One of the most common disagreements between designers and the business owners they are working with is the debate over something called white space. Someone working to get a message out about a product or service may be completely focused on communicating as many benefits as possible within a cramped space – which is easy to understand. Conversely, cramming too much information into a print or online ad can drive your designer crazy.

It may seem like your designer just wants your banner or tradeshow display to look pretty, but less really is more when it comes to communicating value to customers. Here are a few reasons why you need white space in each of your ads, on your website, and on your signs:

1) Human attention is limited.

A lack of white space makes it easier for people to ignore you. Think about sitting in a busy restaurant or circulating at a cocktail party. All around you are conversations full of interesting (and not so interesting) information. If you tried to listen to every conversation in the room, however, you’d go nuts. The same way you would want to focus on one conversation, you want your customer to focus on your most important message and ignore all other noise.

2) Cluttered ads, signs, or banners are hard to read.

Think of the advertising inserts that often come in newspapers: how photos and text boxes are crammed together one after another after another. Often these ads go straight into the trash, or else they sit neglected in your in-basket for. White space makes your most important message leap from the page and grab your customers by the shirt-collar saying, “Look at me!”

3) White space conveys elegance, authority, and sophistication.

The gray, white, and black of Apple. The sparse Google homepage. The Nike swoosh. Sure, these are all big names. All the better if your customer looks at your understated advertisements and thinks of these highly successful brands.

When you think about creating an effective advertisement such as a graphic wrap, focus on your most important message. On the highway, the customer might only have a moment to get an idea of what you’re all about. Use white space to highlight a clear, concise message, and they will remember your name.

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One Way or Another, Color Affects Your Customers

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Paint Colors

When you think of good advertising colors, do you always go bright and flashy? Do you prefer something muted and subdued? Or do you shy away from using color altogether?

Regardless of your own preference, what matters most is what will appeal to your customers. The CCI Institute for Color Research reports that between 60-90% or a person’s initial evaluation of a product is based on color alone. Based on those statistics, the colors you choose for your graphic wraps and signs are crucial to your sales.

The old-school approach to color was the idea that certain colors signify different meanings according to different cultures. For example, in the West, the color white is a symbol of purity and is used for bridal gowns; however, in East Asian cultures, white traditionally is used for funerals and brides still often don red gowns instead.

Now, though, different cultures have blended the meanings of these colors together.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Color for Your Brand or Product

  1. Is it appropriate for your product?

You may love bold reds and the drama of thick black lines, but if your business is selling organic baby food or puppy-sitting, you might need to go a little outside your comfort zone. Run the color combination by your audience, maybe via Facebook or Twitter, and ask what it makes them think about. If your favorite colors rub your intended customers the wrong way, try something else.

  1. Is it easy to read?

A bright yellow set against a muted red background might look fine on your computer, but your customers might have a hard time seeing your sign from the highway. You might like both the green and the blue, but do they contrast enough to convey your message?

  1. Will it look good at different sizes?

Your combination of colors may look amazing as a decal on the side of your vehicle or on your shop window. Will it still look good when you scale it down to fit on your brochures or other marketing materials? Try it at a couple of different sizes and get a second opinion from a professional on whether your chosen color combination will scale well.

With globalization complicating the way we view symbols, the traditional way of thinking about color might not be so “black and white” (wink), but feedback from professional designers as well as your audience can help you make the right choice.

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5 Tips to Creating an Effective Menu Board

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

One of your restaurant’s most effective marketing tools is often suspended right over your front counter. Having a readable and enticing menu board is one of the best ways to get customers to spend their money on your most profitable offerings. Here are 5 best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of your restaurant’s first impression.

House of Bread Menu

#1: Choose Legible Typefaces and Fonts

Remember: the MOST important part of a menu board is to make sure that your customers can read it. Light green or yellow on a dark background is very likely to induce squints, making the selection process more frustrating. That cool curly typeface might look great online, but may be completely unreadable when placed on the menu over your counter. Opt for thick, clear lines, and high contrast between type and background colors.

#2: Center-Align Your Menu Items

Lining up all your offerings on the left side of the board might seem like an organized choice, but it also might be taking a toll on sales. That way, customers naturally scan your offerings according to price rather than reading through to find what they like the best. When you center-align the items in each section of your menu, customers are more likely to spend a few extra dollars on the item that really sounds good to them rather than order according to what is least expensive.

Alphy's Menu Board

#3: Organize Your Offerings into Categories

A long list of menu items can overwhelm the eye. Make it easier for your customers to find what they’re hungry for by finding a system to divide your products. Figure out some kind of organizing principle, whether by type of food (burritos vs. tacos), time of day one eats the food (lunch vs. dinner), or another method unique to your restaurant.

#4: Showcase Drool-Worthy Food Photos

There’s something about a well-lit, high definition food-photo that can get even someone with extreme self-control to salivate. If you have a particularly photogenic or popular piece, including a picture on your menu (printed from eGenoa’s high-resolution printer) is a strategic way to feature it.

BonBon Menu Board

#5: Emphasize Your Specials with Boxes

Have special items on your menu that you are known for? Have an item that you would like to see blow up in popularity? Draw your customer’s eye to them by placing a text box around them. Usually, it will be one of the first things your customer considers.

Maximize the selling power of your menus by enlisting the talent of our eGenoa design professionals when you put these tips into practice. We can design and install indoor signage including menu boards that can help bump up sales according to your branding principles and specifications.

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eGenoa Object Wraps

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Wrap your business with style and make a mark with eGenoa object wraps.

While eGenoa is most well-known for its incredible tradeshow displays and vibrant vehicle wraps, the artists in the workshop can create a winning wrap for any object your business has in view of potential clients.  In earlier blogs, we have discussed the beautiful work the Roland Soljet Pro III XJ printer produces for our designs and how these products can be put on units as large as the Tapit Brewery towers.  However, it is also capable of producing the same high-quality images for smaller, more detailed objects.

A few examples of some custom object wraps we’ve done…

[envira-gallery id=”470″]

You are just as active as your business, and eGenoa is already at the forefront of the vehicle wrap industry to provide your products or services with the organic and natural advertising that can be achieved with your company cars.  Yet, those same images can be put on delivery trucks and other fleet vehicles to give your business the same impact as the multi-national companies—such as UPS, FedEx, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart.  All of those businesses use their fleets as moving billboards to create a constant imprint upon their client base.  Your logo and brand can achieve the same success at the local level by simply making sure everyone sees them wherever they drive.

eGenoa can also create the same visual impact on a smaller scale.  Imagine using the same tools as large companies do, with their vertical billboards in Times Square or Hollywood.  Your business can use the sides of your own building as a mural; or the pillars, tables, and trash bins in front of your business can be utilized as a canvas to create an advertising punch that will have you standing out from your competition.

Also, with the Central Coast being such a vibrant community, there are so many opportunities for your business to reach out to consumers and their active lifestyles.  Wraps can also be produced for helmets, skis, trailers, small vehicles, or any other surface that offers the unique opportunity of reaching customers in places they wouldn’t expect.

Your business needs to remain fluid and proactive in the constant competition for the consumer dollar. eGenoa can help you achieve success by supplying you with the tools to reach a wider client base while maximizing your advertising dollar.

Call and speak to the helpful staff at eGenoa and see how we can help your business today!

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Great products are only possible due to great tools

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Roloand Soljet Pro Printer

The talented artisans at eGenoa no doubt have the talent and skill to not only design gorgeous and eye-catching marketing displays, but the follow through of that vision is only possible due to the incredible tools which they have at their disposal. Just as an artist has his or her brushes, the designers at eGenoa have the workhorse of printers—the Roland Soljet Pro III XJ.

The Roland company has made it possible for numerous designers and artists to rise to the top of their fields by supplying them with a one-of-a-kind combination of results and durability. In the eGenoa factory it is the Roland Soljet Pro III XJ that pumps out everything from vinyl banners to vehicle wraps; large format printouts to banner stand visuals. This amazing printer is the “brush” with which the eGenoa artisans not only create their art, but the vinyl “canvas” the art requires.

The Roland Soljet Pro III XJ line can make even the largest images come to life as vibrant photorealistic works of art with its 1440 x 1440 dpi. The attention to detail that is possible gives you an even more beautiful way to reach your audience. And with its ability to churn out 458 sqft per hour, even rush jobs are possible without losing the high quality you have come to expect from Roland and eGenoa.

Some work we’ve done using the Roland Soljet Pro III XJ

[envira-gallery id=”450″]

As we roll into winter and your car needs to become the rolling billboard that literally drives sales, eGenoa and its Roland Soljet Pro III XJ will be able to produce the most amazing full-color vehicle wraps that can withstand the elements and continue to drive your marketing dollar day after day and mile after mile. Be sure you wrap that company vehicle before you head off to any of the major tradeshows coming up in January—including the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Pull up in style and make a statement that you are there to compete for every client.

Many of the amazing products from eGenoa are only possible due to the fantastic Roland Soljet Pro III XJ. Contact the welcoming and friendly staff at eGenoa today to find out how the XJ can make your company money!

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