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End of Summer Fairs: Not Just for Farming

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

State FairIt’s the time of year when people all over the United States do everything they can to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the summer season. Often, that means the last burst of summer fairs across the country, each state’s opportunity to show off to visitors what respective areas truly have to offer.

These state and county fairs often center on rodeos and livestock competitions. However, they also are known to provide ample commercial space for people from a variety of industries to network and connect.

Shenandoah County Fair Aug. 28 – Sep. 5

This fair takes place in Shenandoah County in the state of Virginia, and while it draws crowds with livestock and country music, it’s also a hot place for commerce. Work equipment and gear such as uniforms and farm safety equipment are on display, as well as machinery used in the agricultural industry. In addition to the commercial-grade tools, supplies for home and garden improvement can be found as well.

Colorado State Fair Aug. 28 – Sep. 7

While providing large and small animal shows and livestock auctions along with concerts like any other fair, this event in Pueblo, Colorado also features stronger focuses on art and innovation. It has two different exhibition halls dedicated toward artistic themes, and features talent shows, a variety of music genres, an interactive maze, and even Lego sculpture.

Minnesota State Fair Aug. 27 – Sep. 7

Minnesota struts its stuff by putting on a fair showcasing its various industries and attractions statewide. This year, the fair even features a special “Eco Experience” exhibit drawing attention to environmental issues. There are also heavy arts and theater presence, and over 50 food vendors featuring made-in-Minnesota victuals.

Even if you’ve missed out on this year’s celebrations of summer, it’s not too early to start getting your marketing materials gathered for next year. Contact some of the friendly professionals at eGenoa for help with designing your booths, your banners, and other marketing materials.

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5 Tricks of the Trade Show with Interactive Tablets

Thursday, June 11th, 2015


Tablets do wonders for consumer engagement within many different scenarios. You could show a client sketches or projected profits while pitching an idea or display your product inventory to potential buyers.

Using these tech tools at a trade show is no exception to the rule. If you can’t quite see the difference yet, consider these five advantages of using tablets in your trade show booth.

  1. Remember these three letters: “E-C-O”. These letters stand first for “economy” of space. That means you can skip lugging the boxes of contact forms to the show and leave room for more impressive displays. Eco also stands for “eco-friendly”…as in think of all the paper you’ll save!
  2. Don’t rely on the convention hall’s Wi-Fi. We’ve all been there: halfway through a promising conversation with a potential client, you decide to provide visual aids from your website. Then it happens…you get an error message. The Wi-Fi has quit. Tablets have the capability to make their own Wi-Fi hotspots, meaning you don’t have to rely on the venue to provide access to the Internet for you.
  3. Provide vivid, up-to-date visual aids to potential customers. With tablets, whether Android or Apple, you are able to quickly illustrate your pitches and use multimedia methods to show your clients what you are made of. You can update the information on your tablet even while you’re in the airport on your way to the show. It definitely beats having to correct out of date information by hand the way you would have to with printed materials.
  4. Pique their curiosity. Interactive technology and colorful gadgets can awaken the fun-loving kid inside of a room full of professional adults. Inquisitive businesspeople will be drawn in by the interactive experience, and will learn about what your business has to offer them in the process.
  5. Take names. Having already snared the interest of your potential clients, it’s easy to offer them a contact form to fill out. Using the tablet reduces friction, meaning since you’ve removed the hassle of having to take out a form and fill it out with a pen or pencil, they are more likely to grant you their contact information.

It’s always good to have paper on hand, but tablets can only enhance your trade show display and create a positive experience for visitors.

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Trade Show Spotlight: 3 May USA Trade Shows for Mom

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

International Gem Show

May means Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the market for female-friendly products is booming. Across the United States, there are several different mommy-oriented expos, offering products and experiences appealing to those shopping for their moms, wives, or even for a treat for themselves. Here are three that are coming up soon.

The Mom Expo

May 1 – 2

Mesa, AZ

What better way to kick off the month of mothers than with The Mom Expo? This convention focuses on moms of kids from newborns to school age, and brings together moms from different walks of life. The expo focuses on “The Green Scene”, aka earth-friendly products from organic household cleaners to PVC-free toys. Kids are even invited to the expo, with ample areas for play.

The Southern Women’s Show & The Michigan International Women’s Show

April 30 – May 3

Nashville, TN & Novi, MI

Going on simultaneously in Michigan and Nashville, these two shows (both run by Southern Shows) connect women with what they want within a plethora of categories. A spread of local and regional organizations and some of the largest companies in the world join together to tout furniture, food, fashion, fun events, and even hot firemen. Yes, you read that right.

The International Gem Show

May 1 – 3, 8 –10, 15 – 17, 29 – 30

Chicago, IL, Marlborough, MA, Chantilly, VA, San Mateo, CA

It’s hard to go wrong with giving mom gorgeous jewelry, and this show has been rolling all over the United States for over forty years. Independent salespeople, designers, and other vendors sell everything from costume jewelry to fine, high-end jewels. It’s also a great place to get beads and supplies if mom is a crafter. If you’re one of the jewelers, don’t rely on your sparkly wares to get attention, though. Be sure to show off your booth with a professional sign.

If you have a trade show coming up, don’t miss out on your opportunity to create an eye-catching booth with eGenoa’s tradeshow displays and banners. When you’re surrounded by a sea of other exhibitors, it’s always good to have a plan to stand out.

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Tradeshow Spotlight: April 2015 in Sin City

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Welcome to Las Vegas

With ten convention centers containing over 64 spaces for groups to meet, Las Vegas is a hopping tradeshow hub. According to the Las Vegas Tourism Authority, there were over 22,000 conventions held in Las Vegas in 2014. Whatever your industry or area of interest, chances are there will be a time that the lights of the Strip call you with their siren song…purely for work-related purposes of course!

In the month of April alone, there will be 40 different trade shows and conferences occurring all around Las Vegas. Here is a cross-section of the action:

AAPC HealthCon

March 29 – April 1 | Paris/Bally’s Las Vegas Hotels

HealthCon features over 90 educational sessions for those who work on the business side of healthcare. 3,000 attendees will attend these sessions and also stroll the hall for a 9-hour exhibition of the latest trends and technologies at the Business of Healthcare Expo and Anatomy Expo.

International Sign Expo 2015

April 8 – 11 | Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Naturally we wanted to shine a light on an event within eGenoa’s wheelhouse. Our 3M certification connects us to one of the major sponsors of the event. The Sign Expo will feature 580 exhibitors from the world of visual communicators from vehicle wrapping specialists, digital sign makers, wide-format printers, and beyond.

New Media Expo 2015

April 13 – 16 | Las Vegas Convention Center and Westgate Resort & Casino

New Media Expo is a content-marketing convention for all types of businesses as well as bloggers and social media marketers. Brands from CNN, to PepsiCo, to Adobe as well as bloggers and podcasters from the tech industry, the political sphere, to the world of sports all come together to share their expertise.

All Baby & Child Conference & Trade Show

April 29 – May 1 | Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Marketers creating products for children have the opportunity to show off their wares at this baby-centric trade show. Exhibitors have two days on the floor to display the latest in children’s educational materials, clothing, and educational toys.

With our collection of easy-to-transport tradeshow displays, eGenoa is able to send you to Vegas with the makings of an exhibit to remember. Wherever you are in the United States, we can use UPS or FedEx to send you sleek tabletop displays and even large-form 10 and 20 foot displays.

Are you exhibiting at one of these shows and need to put together a stellar presentation at the last minute? Check out our rush displays and call our friendly eGenoa representatives to get it sent to you as soon as possible.

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Why You Should Exhibit at a Trade Show

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Simpson Strong-Tie Tradeshow Display

With 1000 exhibitors at a standard national trade show, you can expect around 10,000 to 12,000 attendees. With these numbers, you can assume around 300 to 400 of those visitors will stop at your booth. If you were to spend that time conducting cold calls, you would not come close to hitting those numbers. For that reason, exhibiting at a trade show offers the perfect opportunity to get the word out about your products or services.

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to impress both existing and prospective customers. The ability to attract new business at these events requires a booth that instantly conveys your message.

When discussing your business with prospective customers, you are building relationships. Even though having discussions with attendees may be more difficult than other circumstances, you ARE getting the valuable opportunity to present yourself and your business, which is vital in establishing a working relationship.

Remember, if you are not exhibiting at key trade shows, and miss the opportunity to build those valuable relationships, your competition will surely benefit. Without a presence, your competition will have the chance to sell to new prospects and perhaps entice your existing customers to purchase from them. Of course, it is not practical to exhibit in every trade show, but do your research then make sure you participate in the shows that are crucial to your industry.

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Trade Show Booth Etiquette: Sit or Stand?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

eGenoa Trade Show BoothLong has there been a debate on whether or not it is appropriate to sit while exhibiting at a trade show. Yes the hours are long, you will probably be dressed nicely in uncomfortable shoes, and it will surely feel nice to have a chair available – but is it appropriate to sit when exhibiting?

When exhibiting at a trade show, creating a welcoming environment that prospective clients will feel excited about entering is crucial. If potential customers see you standing at the entrance of the booth, ready to be of assistance, they are more likely to stop and engage in discussion. On the other hand, if you’re sitting behind a table, set away from the entrance, it’s easier for the attendees to keep on walking, before you’ve even had a chance to say hello.

When standing, you create a sense of positive energy. You will give the impression that you are too busy to sit, and that you are excited about what you have to offer. In contrast, sitting often gives an impression of being tired or bored.

Yes, sometimes we have physical limitations when it comes to standing. In this case, if you must be seated, think of placement. Don’t hide behind part of your booth. Rather, be an integral part of inviting people to stop. Remember to turn on the energy in your demeanor.

When exhibiting at trade shows, standing is always the best option. If necessary, invest in a pair of stylish, but comfortable shoes! It will surely make it easier to smile at your future customers!

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Window Graphics attract New Customers

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Window Graphics

Applying graphics to your window space is a smart way to advertise. Windows provide an optimal surface area for graphics that often goes unused. Why not utilize your storefront or vehicle windows to attract the attention of your next customer?

Various applications can be used on your windows to satisfy your particular needs. If you want to deliver a quick message, you should consider vinyl text that can be applied to any window. Choose a font that is easily read and is thick enough, and large enough, to be seen effortlessly by those passing by. Perhaps you are looking for more of a dramatic image? In this case, go with “window perf,” or images printed on perforated vinyl material. The outsider looking in will not be able to see through the material. It simply appears to be a large solid graphic. However, there are tiny holes in the material that allow those on the other side of the window to see out. This makes the material the perfect selection for vehicle windows. It also works well on storefront windows that let in too much sun.

Be sure to use a professional company to help you design and install window graphics. This is your chance to catch the eye of prospective customers- don’t leave them with the wrong impression. eGenoa is a 3M certified installer, and has a strong history of creating window graphics to be proud of.


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