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Caring for Your Vinyl Graphics

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

caring for vinyl graphicsSo you have your brand-new graphic wrap on your car. As you drive out of the parking lot, you look forward to showing off your vehicle wrap to thousands of potential customers out on the highways and in cities.

After a little while, however, dust collects and makes the colors look shabby. Mud happens. Maybe even a few bird droppings happen. Your vibrant new vehicle wrap doesn’t seem quite as exciting anymore.

You Can (and Should) Wash Your Vinyl Graphic Wraps

Fortunately, vinyl is an extremely easy-to-clean substance, and you can take some very simple action to make your vehicle graphics look as bright as the day they were applied to your car. In fact, in addition to making your car look much snazzier, a good cleaning job can make your graphics last longer. UV rays from the sun are the biggest threat to your wraps’ endurance, and particles from car exhaust, smog, and other pollutants can weaken your wrap’s resistance to the sun.

Soap it up — but carefully!

Some people cast fate to the wind and bring their wrapped cars through car washes. This is not recommended, because it could scratch the finish or even contribute to peeling edges.

Instead, give the car a good hand-wash, using the least scratchy or abrasive sponges and towels you can find. Don’t scrub the wrap like you would scrub a dirty dish. Gentleness is key!

Rinse Right

Blasting the vehicle with a stream of high-pressured water is NOT a good idea. When you do rinse, use as low pressure of water as you can and keep that water cool to avoid over-heating portions of the vinyl. Just like when you are scrubbing, avoid the edges of the wrap.

Dry with Care

Use a chamois over a terry cloth towel to avoid agitating the finish too much.

Protect Your Wrap with a Coat of Wax

When appropriate, a coat of wax can be a great protectant against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Think of it as “sunscreen” for your graphics. Once you’ve carefully washed your vehicle, you can apply a petroleum free wax to the car. It is very important the car is clean first, otherwise you’ll be sealing in dirt and pollutants that could damage the vinyl.

If you have a matte graphic wrap, however, beware of waxing!

If you choose to wax, you could create glossy spots on the finish, and totally defeat the purpose.

Contact the 3M Certified professional team at eGenoa if you have more questions about the care and keeping of your vinyl graphics, wall wraps and vehicle wraps. We’re happy to help guide you in prolonging the life of your graphics.

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Graphic Wrap Removal: Easy with 3M Certified Professionals

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

egenoa wrap removalIt’s been proven over and over again that getting a graphic wrap for your car will help your bottom line. Just by going about your daily business of driving around town and parking in front of your home and business can get make between 30,000-70,000 impressions on potential customers per day.

Getting your entire car covered with a vinyl graphic wrap can seem like a major commitment. You may be wondering what you will do if the name or logo for your business changes or if you feel like getting a new car to replace the one that you currently have.

So, are you married to your vehicle wrap for life?

Short answer: NO! You have the freedom to change your mind about what goes onto your vehicle. In fact, choosing a graphic wrap can even help preserve the value of your car, all the while getting the most bang for your marketing budget possible.

3M certified work helps you to keeps your options open.

If you get your vinyl wraps installed and removed by a place that is 3M certified (like we are), you can have confidence that both procedures will go well. A worldwide network guarantees the wrap, so you can trust that there won’t be any air bubbles or seams that show. 3M certified professionals design graphic wraps in a way that allows them to be applied without sticky primers and permanent adhesives. Instead, the vinyl itself is applied and removed using heat.

This means, when the graphic wrap is removed, no damaging adhesive will be left behind. This is especially true when technicians that are a part of the 3M network remove these wraps. Which leads to the next high point…

Your graphic wrap can help improve your car’s resale value.

Think about it: a vinyl cover will be wrapped (not glued) around the body of your car. This means the paint job underneath is protected from the elements by the wrap itself. Having a shinier paint job will help your vehicle’s resale value if you ever do decide to have the vehicle wrap removed.

So if you have been putting off getting a graphic wrap because you are worried about permanent damage to your car, fear not. Using a 3M certified company do the work for you can offer more freedom and possibilities. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the effects of graphic wrapping.

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Matte is the New Black for Vehicle Wraps

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

BMW E71 X6

With roadways full of glossy paint jobs, a “less is more” approach to vehicle wrapping can really catch the eye. That is part of why the matte finish has been popular since the mid 2000s and why, whether you are advertising on the Central Coast of California or anywhere else in the USA, it’s a look that can set you apart.

What is a matte vinyl wrap?

A matte finish subdues the gloss that characterizes most vehicles’ paint jobs. The 3M company produces the highest quality matte vinyl, which is applied as a solid sheet with no need for an over-laminate. This vinyl adheres to the vehicle with pressure-activated adhesive, so it goes on as smoothly as any other 3M wrap. The result is a seamless, rich matte finish that makes your vehicle look solid as a tank or fighter jet.

Who should use matte vinyl wraps?

Since we all know different colors attract different customers, a matte finish won’t be the right fit for every business. Car-crazy celebrities such as Flo Rida, Kanye West, and professional rally driver Ken Block have used black matte to emulate the sleek power of stealth bombers. If you want your business to convey strength, muscle, and durability, black matte might be the right choice for you. Matte wraps are also available in other colors such as green, though black remains the most popular choice.

A high-quality vehicle wrap can be one of the most ingenious marketing investments you can make.

Since the 90s, vehicle graphic wrapping has grown more than 20% in terms of how much business owners have been willing to spend. The impact of this form of advertising is easy to see. Graphic wrapped cars stand out from their solid color compatriots on the highways and city streets, drawing the eyes of thousands of people every day. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America released statistics wherein 30% of Americans claimed they were influenced to buy a product or service from a vehicle graphic wrap.

Whether you choose a 3M matte vinyl finish or would prefer to go with a different color or gloss pattern, wraps represent a cost-effective, striking marketing tactic. Our professionals will set up your vehicle or fleet of vehicles with a finish free of flaws or air bubbles so you can get out there and start snagging more customers.

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5 Reasons to Choose a 3M Certified Installer

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

3M Certified Graphics Installers

Graphics wraps installers are all over the place, but how do you know which one to choose? We suggest a pretty straightforward sorting method: whether or not that installer is 3M Certified. This certification is one of the ways we at eGenoa stand out from the crowd, and here are five reasons why we think that it’s so important.

1.  3M, as a company, is kind of a big deal.

3M is an international corporation responsible for many of the products we use every day. While you might recognize their name from the side of your Scotch tape roll or slab of safety glass, 3M also produces many of the materials used in creating and installing vehicle graphics. That makes 3M pretty much the ultimate in deciding whether a company is qualified to be a certified installer.

2.  Your installer will meet (and beat) the definition of “pro.”

­­A 3M Certified company must have at least one person on staff who has qualified as a 3M Preferred Installer. To get this designation, the installer has to pass a two-day test that includes demonstrating vehicle-wrapping skills on all kinds of different surfaces, both rough and smooth. On top of this, for the company to be 3M Certified, it must submit multiple references, have been in business for three years or more, and undergo ongoing interviews and onsite tests to retain certification. Both the company and the individual installers are required to prove year after year that they have what it takes to be 3M Preferred and Certified.

3.  Wherever you are in the country, you can get the same quality.

There is a network of 3M Preferred Installers and 3M Certified Companies that spans the United States. This means that you can order a product from our 3M Certified Company in San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California, and then have it installed by another 3M Certified Company on the opposite end of the country, or vice-versa.

4.  You are eligible for protection under 3M warranties.

There are different warranties to choose from when it comes to 3M, but each one of them includes the guarantee that physical defects will be replaced and repaired. So not only do you have whatever guarantees the individual company gives you, but you also have the promise that the high standards of an international company will be met.

5.  You’ll know that you’re dealing with graphics installers that really care about the work.

To be a regular graphics installer, you don’t really have to do any of this stuff. The professionals at eGenoa have gone above and beyond “have to” and conform to the highest possible standards of quality. The evidence? We’re on our 8th year of 3M Certification and are the only company from Lompoc to Pleasanton to be recognized by both 3M and the UASG (United Applications Standards Group).

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Vistas and Visuals: Using Vehicle Wraps to Advertise

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Sandprints Photography Vehicle Wrap

eGenoa knows talent and stunning visuals. So when Ginger of Sandprints Photography contacted the staff at eGenoa to come up with a plan to help her expand her visual presence around the Central Coast, it was a natural fit to pair the beautiful vistas and subjects of Sandprints Photography with the high-resolution vehicle wraps offered by eGenoa.

Grover Beach Sand Dunes
San Luis Obispo, CA

The Central Coast of California offers a wide variety of locales to utilize for a gorgeous photo shoot. From Hearst Castle to the Cayucos Pines, from the Paso Oaks to Pismo Beach, the Central Coast is home to some of the most stunning landscapes on the west coast and Sandprints Photography can use any locale as the backdrop for any special event that needs commemorating.

San Luis Obispo California Central Coast

Just as Sandprints Photos uses this amazing scenery, eGenoa places crisp, clean, long-lasting vehicle wraps on the highways and byways that crisscross the entire region. Your company vehicles can become a moving work of art amidst some of the most recognizable monuments in the area.

The beautiful California Central Coast can act as a striking and memorable backdrop for your vehicle graphics – highlighting and showcasing your brand or service.

[envira-gallery id=”563″]

Imagine your vehicle parked in front of Morro Rock, or highly visible amidst the hustle and bustle of San Luis Obispo’s world famous Thursday Night Farmers’ Market.  Your business’s image can be seen cruising down the gorgeous Highway 1 or 101, or making the trek to the state’s farmland.  The roads of the Central Coast are almost as well-known as the landmarks they connect.  Your corporate logo can become a staple along the El Camino Real or passing the landmark Fremont Theater on Monterey Street.

Whether you are trying to reach the everyday commuter or the plethora of weekend cyclists training for Wildflower or Lighthouse, vehicle graphics from eGenoa can turn your business fleet into mobile billboards that fit in at any event or in any parking structure. Turn your business trip to Bakersfield into an advertising opportunity, just as you can for a typical trip to the bank. Let your fellow Central Coast residents know that you are a part of the region as much as the San Luis Bay Pier or Morro Bay Wharf. The key difference is your visual statement is not limited to a single location; take your advertising on the road and make a change to your bottom line. eGenoa is here to help!!

Contact the friendly eGenoa staff today and hit the road with your new advertising campaign!!

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Vehicle Graphics FAQs

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

PostNet Vehicle Wrap

Q: What exactly is a car wrap?
A: A car wrap is a digital color image printed on a vinyl adhesive covering, that is then applied to your vehicle. It is similar to a giant sticker.

Q: Is the same material used on windows?
A: No, the material applied to windows is different. Window Graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl that allows you to see through the rear and side rear windows. State laws prohibit the use of wraps on the windshield, as well as on the driver and passenger side windows.

Q: Does it matter what color my vehicle is?
A: No, the material used is not translucent, therefore you cannot see through it.

Q: What type of vehicles can be wrapped?
A: We are fully trained to wrap cars, SUVs, trucks, box trucks, trailers, buses, and boats.

Q: How long will the wrap last?
A: With proper care, car wraps last approximately 3-5 years for the vinyl and 1-2 years on the window perforation.

Yogurt Creations Truck Wrap

Q: What is the difference between a 1/2, 3/4, and a full car wrap?
A: The size of the wrap (1/2, 3/4, or full) implies the percentage of the vehicle that is covered with vinyl.

Q: Can you wrap plastic or fiberglass?
A: Yes you can. Wrapping textured plastic or fiberglass is not recommended. The wrap will lift and will not adhere properly to these surfaces.

Q: Can GenoaGraphix design my vehicle wrap?
A: Absolutely! We have a creative department that will work with you to achieve the look you desire.

Q: Can I use my own designs for my vehicle wrap.
A: Yes, but there are guidelines to follow for a professional outcome. Please contact us for these specifics.

Q: What happens if I change my information that appears on my vehicle wrap at a later time?
A: Overlays can be produced to reflect the new information. They can then be applied over the desired areas.

Firestone Ale Trailer Wrap

Q: Will the car wrap damage my paint?
A: No. In fact, the vehicle wrap will protect the paint. We use only the highest grade 3M vinyl which will not damage your paint. One note: if you are installing decals only, the area covered by the decal will not fade, but the area left uncovered will continue to fade. There could be a slight discoloration after the decals are removed. This tends to be more pronounced on darker vehicles.

Q: Does the condition of my current paint job matter?
A: Yes, the vehicle’s paint job needs to be in good condition. Rust damage under the wrap may cause problems later. Also, loose paint can be a problem in installation.

Q: Can the vehicle wrap be removed?
A: Yes, the vinyl and adhesive can be removed from the car by a professional. If the paint was in good condition before the wrap, there should be no problems with the removal process.

Q: How is the material applied?
A: As a certified 3M installer, we at GenoaGraphix follow strict application guidelines. Using expert technique, the material is “stretched and pulled” over the vehicle using heat and other tools to accomplish a smooth and flat application.

Q: Where do you wrap the cars?
A: Most of our vehicle wraps take place in our fully equipped shop. However, depending on the customer needs and the size of the vehicles, we sometimes perform vehicle wraps on customer location. As a part of the 3M family, we have a team of 3M installers available anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Star Finishes Truck Wrap

Q: Do I need to have a clean car before I get it wrapped?
A: Yes, your car should be clean and fully dried before arriving for a car wrap.

Q: How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?
A: Most wraps take 2-3 days. This depends on our current schedule and the type of vehicle wrap. Please inquire for specifics.

Q: Will you wrap a leased vehicle?
A: Absolutely! Since the material can be removed, there is no problem in wrapping a leased vehicle.

Q: How do I properly take care of my wrap job?
A: Hand washing your wrapped vehicle is recommended. Avoid power washing and abrasive materials is discouraged. Waxing the vehicle will help with the upkeep as well.

Q: Can I use my rear defroster?
A: No, use of the defroster will damage the material.

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The Present and Future of Vehicle Graphics: Why car wraps are better than paint

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Yogurt Creations Vehicle Wrap Advertising Message

You need to jump start your business. The most logical first step is to advertise. According to a study held by the American Trucking Associations, 91% of people notice visuals and words displayed on trucks. Why not create a moving billboard? Turn your vehicle into a marketing machine!

So, why should you get your car wrapped instead of merely painting it? There are many logical reasons why utilizing vinyl graphics is the smarter way to go. First of all, and sometimes most importantly, you can save yourself a pretty penny. Vehicle wraps can be up to half the cost of professional paint jobs!

A vehicle wrap will also allow you to have more control over the process. You can work with a graphic artist, instructing the message you want conveyed. It is standard to see a proof before the vinyl is printed. If something is not right, then it can be fixed. What you see is what you get. This flexibility is not always possible with a hand paint job. Once the artist has painted a vehicle, it is on there, and not always adjustable.

Another good reason to get your car wrapped rather than painted is due to the fact you will maintain a higher trade-in or resale value. The vinyl used in car wraps, if high quality and applied correctly, will actually protect your paint. When you go to turn your car in or sell it, you can simply have the car wrap removed. This especially works well for leased vehicles. If you have a graphic paint job, the solution is not as easy. The entire visual will need to be sanded down and repainted. You will surely get more money for a vehicle that is free on company information and logos.

Get your vehicle noticed, and go about it the smart way. Look into getting your car wrapped. Ultimately, you’ll make money and save money!

Allison Ferroggiaro

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