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5 Tricks of the Trade Show with Interactive Tablets

Thursday, June 11th, 2015


Tablets do wonders for consumer engagement within many different scenarios. You could show a client sketches or projected profits while pitching an idea or display your product inventory to potential buyers.

Using these tech tools at a trade show is no exception to the rule. If you can’t quite see the difference yet, consider these five advantages of using tablets in your trade show booth.

  1. Remember these three letters: “E-C-O”. These letters stand first for “economy” of space. That means you can skip lugging the boxes of contact forms to the show and leave room for more impressive displays. Eco also stands for “eco-friendly”…as in think of all the paper you’ll save!
  2. Don’t rely on the convention hall’s Wi-Fi. We’ve all been there: halfway through a promising conversation with a potential client, you decide to provide visual aids from your website. Then it happens…you get an error message. The Wi-Fi has quit. Tablets have the capability to make their own Wi-Fi hotspots, meaning you don’t have to rely on the venue to provide access to the Internet for you.
  3. Provide vivid, up-to-date visual aids to potential customers. With tablets, whether Android or Apple, you are able to quickly illustrate your pitches and use multimedia methods to show your clients what you are made of. You can update the information on your tablet even while you’re in the airport on your way to the show. It definitely beats having to correct out of date information by hand the way you would have to with printed materials.
  4. Pique their curiosity. Interactive technology and colorful gadgets can awaken the fun-loving kid inside of a room full of professional adults. Inquisitive businesspeople will be drawn in by the interactive experience, and will learn about what your business has to offer them in the process.
  5. Take names. Having already snared the interest of your potential clients, it’s easy to offer them a contact form to fill out. Using the tablet reduces friction, meaning since you’ve removed the hassle of having to take out a form and fill it out with a pen or pencil, they are more likely to grant you their contact information.

It’s always good to have paper on hand, but tablets can only enhance your trade show display and create a positive experience for visitors.

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5 Trade Show Best Practices: Exhibit Like a Boss

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Busy Trade Show Floor

On a floor full of noise, impressive and colorful displays, and other entrepreneurs promoting their products, a trade show can be a daunting place to be successful and be seen. If you keep these five best-practices in your pocket, you can be more confident about having an outcome that improves your business image and bottom-line.

1. Know Your Product

A survey conducted by Marketech, Inc. found that the majority of trade show attendees (43% of a 3,341 person sample size) care the most about getting product information. Have marketing brochures and other information available for potential customers to take along with them, and DEFINITELY make sure your people know how to talk about your products to customers. Even better? If possible, draw them in with a product demo so they can see it in action.

2. Consider a Promotion or Giveaway

Who doesn’t look for a little trade show SWAG? While a bunch of new ball point pens and a few chip clips are always fun, promotions or giveaways that focus on your business and products are even better. Advertising a giveaway or promotion in your booth will drive traffic to you and give customers a reason to look for you when the show is over.

3. Deploy a Dynamite Booth Attendant

The people that staff your both need to exude positive energy and have a welcoming personality to draw the people in (and it’s amazing how much standing rather than sitting can make a difference). It’s also vital that your people know how to talk about your products in an engaging and informative way, so that attendees also walk away from your booth with a good impression of your company.

4. Have an Active Booth

Picture this: you are out on the town at dinnertime. On one side of the street, an empty restaurant stands, a single employee inside slowly wiping a table. On the other, a bustling bistro with a line out the door. Which place are you most likely going to assume is the better choice? The same principle goes for your tradeshow booth: the more people who are visiting, the more people will want to visit. Momentum counts.

A trick to get the ball rolling is to have one of your sales rep contact customers that they know will also be attending the show and invite them to visit your company’s booth. That way, you can start out confident that you will have a few visitors that will likely attract others as well.

5. Keep the Party Going

The trade show “strike” (a.k.a., when everything gets taken down and put away) shouldn’t be the end of the trade show experience, or the end of the work. Make sure to follow up on any leads you get during the show as soon as possible. They will be much more likely to remember the positive image you gave with your display and can act on any promotions that you were touting during the show.

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