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Green Products

Sturdy, Sustainable Bamboo Displays

If you are concerned about environmental responsibility, and don’t want to sacrifice strong and lightweight displays, bamboo is your best bet.

At eGenoa, we have several choices for involving bamboo in your tradeshow booth or other presentation display. Rollout bamboo flooring can be used indoors or outdoors and comes in eight different colors. We also have several different banner stands made from bamboo, including the ever-convenient retractable banner stands. Strong, sustainable, and easy to carry banner stands will help make your trip to the tradeshow much easier.

Bamboo is one of the most durable and sustainable materials in the world, and grows much faster than any of the other trees whose wood is used for building purposes. While the average tree can take 30-40 years to grow back to full maturity, a pole of bamboo can regenerate to full size in six months. Through using bamboo instead of other types of lumber, old growth forests are protected, and soil has the chance to regenerate so it doesn’t erode away.

Besides being sustainable, bamboo is so sturdy that in many parts of the world, it is used for scaffolding instead of metal. In fact, bamboo has more tensile strength than steel does, due to how dense and flexible its fibers are. It naturally contains silica, meaning termites can’t eat it, and it also has extractable chemicals that make it glue-friendly and less likely to break or fall apart.

In short, you won’t have to baby your bamboo.

You can harness the flexibility and power of bamboo in your own tradeshow displays. In addition to being a light and strong material to work with, using bamboo is an especially smart choice for companies that with eco-conscious brands. The potential customers who visit your trade show booth will notice the unique materials that you use and know that you walk your environmentally responsible talk.

Tradeshow Displays

We offer a complete line of high quality,easy-to-use, and affordable portable display products for trade shows, events, displays, point of purchase, marketing, advertising and presentations.

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Utilizing signs to advertise is a time proven way to deliver a message successfully. eGenoa offers a complete assortment of sign styles to fill your company's needs. Whether you are in need of an indoor or outdoor sign, we offer a full line of sidewalk and retail signs, light boxes, magnets, decals, and more that can all be custom made to your specifications.

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Offer your customers professionally printed material that clearly represents your business. The eGenoa portfolio includes a complete variety of labels, catalogs, brochures, posters, postcards, presentation folders, sales and data sheets, banners, vehicle graphics, retail signs, and tradeshow graphics. Each can be custom designed to your specifications.

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Vehicle Graphics

eGenoa can assist you in creating a vehicle wrap to advertise your business and create brand awareness.

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Creative Services

Whether you need a complete identity package, a sharp looking brochure, tradeshow graphics or a label design, eGenoa has the creative team to get the job done.

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