Environmental Branding

Environmental Branding is the work of making your space align with your brand direction. It’s a simple and effective way to bring your brand to the forefront for customers and staff. It requires a company to communicate a brand experience within a three dimensional space such as a retail, hospitality or workspace environment. It requires an understanding of designing space, graphic design, branding principles and the practical knowledge of the different materials and processes needed to create the required result.

Retail Environment Branding is directed towards the consumer. It is vital to ensure the customers navigate the area effectively. This is usually very transient requiring multiple changes annually to reflect the market and evolution of products.

Workspace Branding is more permanent, typically changing every two or three years. The clients are the staff. This involves reflecting the principles of the company and its culture. It is important for a company to communicate to its staff what a company stands for. This can be done in a direct way through mission statements and values.

Genoa has the expertise to take your environmental branding project from start to finish. With our expertise and network of installers, we can develop, produce fulfill and install your project nationwide.

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