Exhibits & Displays

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to strutting your stuff at a trade show. When you take into account the nuance of your brand as well as all the different types of trade show you could encounter, there is no denying the value of variety. That’s why we at Genoa offer a wide catalogue of displays at a range of prices that match up with your unique budget and marketing objectives.

If you have a fun-loving brand or sell a unique product, why not take a look at our inflatables? We can make an enlarged 3D replica of your logo or your product itself. If your event is taking place outside, heavily weighted and heavy-duty outdoor displays are your best choice (that is, if you don’t want all your marketing materials to fly away)!

To get serious about showing off your wares, there is an entire world of 10 and 20 foot displays for you to peruse. These include wide fabric displays, paneled displays, and displays with LED backlighting. Don’t have a lot of space with which to communicate with your audience? Choose from our collection simple and elegant banner stands or get a sleek and small table top display.

Supplement your display with all the other bits, pieces, and accessories that will customize and perfect your exhibit. We have simple table drapes as well as replacement clips, racks, and carrying cases.

Our customer service staff will help you find the piece that suits your needs, and we’ll also help you design the advertising graphics that will be part of the display. These graphics are always printed with the highest quality and resolution so you can express your company’s message clearly to potential customers.

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