10 and 20 Foot Displays

Tower Above the Competition with 10 and 20 Foot Displays

At any trade show, you will naturally want to stand out from the other exhibitors. Trouble is, everyone else wants to stand out, too.

It’s times like these when you’ve got to pull out all the stops.

The displays we offer attract eyes and get customers into your booth. With some of these backdrops offering in upwards of 150 sq. ft. of display space, these exhibits are equipped with solid fabric or vinyl graphic images featuring bold colors in high definition. The Genoa team will help you select the display system that best reflects your brand and puts your company’s best face forward.

Want a sleek look with easy set up? Try one of our curved Popup Displays. These displays use collapsible metal bars that are covered with graphic panels that fit like gloves. Simple Pop Up technology can create a smooth graphic cover, and these fabric displays can go up in mere minutes. Make things even simpler for yourself with tension fabric displays, whose frames require few pieces, putting complete emphasis on the graphics themselves.

Imagine your product, printed in high definition, fully illuminated.

Most of our pieces include lighting systems that can be attached above or to the sides of the displays. If you want to take lighting a step further, dazzle the crowds with one of our large selection of backlit displays. Show-goers will be drawn to your booth by the glow of your backlit products.

We also include displays with hard paneling or frames as well as flooring. Check out our selection of contemporary displays, which feature sleek lines and shapes. You could also add dimension to your exhibit with trusses, which go up quickly and easily but pack a visual wallop.

Last minute trade show not giving you time for the more intricate displays? We can send you one of our 10-foot rush displays, which are carpeted, and paneled or curved. That way, you have the visual impact of a large display, but can attach your own graphics.

Every display, no matter how large and impressive, comes with detailed instructions about how you can easily set it up in a short period of time. You can also order replacement graphics specifically sized for whichever selection you have made in order to make the most of your powerful displays.

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