Banner Stands

Show Off and Save Space with Banner Stands

Trade shows, presentations, and any other event where you need to strut your business’ stuff require the right tools. Demonstrate what your business is all about with banner stands from Genoa. These displays are convenient, easy to transport, and affordable.

One of our most popular banner stand options is a retractable banner stand. These stands are collapsible, rolling up your banner like a scroll so it stays smooth for the next time you need to put it on display. You won’t have to worry about carrying large, bulky banners and display pieces from your vehicle into the trade show hall. Our stands come in convenient carrying bags, and expand to sizes ranging from 79 to 85 inches tall.

We even have available options for larger banners that are equally as easy to use. Our extra wide, extra tall banner option still only takes 30 seconds to set up and collapses into a 16 pound bag. You also can get banner stands that are double sided, and share even more information using the same amount of space.

An eco-friendly option includes bamboo banner stands, which are made from a durable and renewable natural resource. Bamboo is just as strong, if not stronger, than a metal stand, and it will set you apart from other displays and help you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Banners are effective means to communicate with your audience for not only trade shows, but for museums, festivals or special events. Make sure you have the right stand to keep things as convenient and efficient as possible for you and your team. Just get in touch with the experts at Genoa, and we will correctly apply the best looking, high-resolution graphics to go with the banner and banner stand you select.

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