Table Top Displays

Small but Mighty: Intrigue with Table Top Displays

You don’t always have a wide space with which to impress potential customers. Fortunately, a wide space is not always necessary. When you get one of Genoa’s tabletop displays, you get all the benefits of a professionally put-together display along with the graphic design and printing expertise of our team. And you get all of it at an average size of 52” x 67” x 14”.

Tabletop displays are built with lightweight aluminum frames and include 200-watt halogen lights, cable covers, and graphic wings to add shape and fullness to your display. Our design team will ensure that whatever you want to show off within your tabletop display is printed with sharpness and accuracy. We will print your images on high-quality vinyl with a resolution of up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, which you can then magnetically attach to the center of the frame.

Tabletop displays are wonderful for when you have to get a core message out to your potential customers and you don’t have the luxury of a sizable trade show booth. Drawing the eye to that one central point that you want your audience to remember is easy with these sleek, symmetrical displays. Our displays have wings that reach out from a central message board, and you can choose the shape of these wings according to what you think best matches or complements your brand identity.

Each of our tabletop displays come with complete instructions for set up and teardown. The set-up process lasts only a few minutes and is easy to follow. Once you are done with your demonstration, the materials all pack into a wheeled case that includes a protective foam interior.

Make an excellent impression with a limited space when you select one of our Genoa tabletop displays. The combination of quality materials and super-sharp graphics is sure to instill your brand in your audience’s memory.

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