Sidewalk Signs

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For providing directions, advertising open houses, or drawing customers into your store for a sale, there is an effective simplicity to sidewalk signs. The appearance of a colorful, high-resolution sidewalk sign made by Genoa will function as an interesting change-up in your potential customer’s daily routine. Intrigue passers-by and draw a crowd with this inexpensive and effective marketing tool.


Side Walk Signs

Allow customers to find something mouth-watering on your menu before they even set foot inside your restaurant. Putting menu items on a sidewalk sign will make hungry people stop and take notice as they walk down the street. Advertise your open house with an A-frame. House-hunters will be drawn by the straightforward message of your board, especially when it is prominently displayed in a place where it can be seen from the road.

We provide a variety of different stands upon which to display your sign, from the rudimentary, to the classy, whimsical, and complex. A few of our stands are even made especially to endure heavier winds without falling over. Save money and let your creativity shine through with an A-frame that allows for changeable signage or a dry-erase sign surface. An a-frame sign is ideal for retailers who want to advertise a special sale that is going on, and the flexible format allows business owners to reuse signs for future sales.

Sidewalk-style signs are also great temporary signage solutions for special events and shows. The banner stands, a frames, and other sidewalk signs we have are great for tradeshows and car shows, and will effectively point show-goers toward your display. Higher-standing chrome signs can also help to guide guests at your event as they either find their own place to park or leave their key with the valet.

A sidewalk sign provides a cost-effective and eye-catching way to attract and guide customers exactly where you want them to go. By car, bicycle, or by foot, sidewalk signs get the message out to your target audience as they travel by. We offer a number of quality and highly practical options to meet your demanding needs. Please browse from the choices below:

  • Temporary signage
  • Changeable signage
  • Advertising
  • Specials
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Menus
  • Car Shows
  • Tradeshows
  • Special events

Side Walk Signs
Side Walk Signs

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Being 3M certified means we have been trained and tested to professionally install vinyl graphics. Our installers will get the job done right the first time and it will last. Our nationwide network of 3M installers insures quality installations in all 50 states.

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Your most effective advertising strategy is to let your customers see your message. Our signs and graphics are designed to help you create that visibility.

Indoor and Outdoor signs have a variety of materials and methods of construction. We only use high quality materials that will stand up to the environment.

No one size fits all, so our product line offers many options and features. You're sure to find what you need from Genoa Signs and Graphics to fit your needs.

The graphics team at Genoa has specific know-how when it comes to vehicle graphics, which is a unique and effective way to advertise. Our designers are experienced in scaling logos, lettering, and other images to be clearly read on the signs. We optimize the colors, the line weights, and other intricate details that go into creating graphics for signs that get positive attention. We will make sure you are satisfied with how your graphics look before continuing onto the installation process.

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We will use our expertise to elevate your brand.

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