Let Your Message Fly High with one of our quality banners.

Our banners come in all shapes and sizes, printed with cutting edge equipment and at a high resolution. No matter how colorful or photographic, your banner’s message will be crisp and clear for all to see.

A good banner is a must have for anyone putting on an event or participating in a trade show or market. If your banner is well made, it may be the difference between someone approaching your table or booth or walking right by you. Our high quality graphics will make those passing by take a second look. Genoa’s banners will get their attention, and your products, services, and customer service skills will draw them in.

If you have a large fundraiser, performance, festival, or other special event coming up that is important to your organization, then you might want to invest in one of our most impressive banners: an over the street banner. That means that from a long distance away, people doing business, walking, or driving in the area will see when and where your event will be.

We have several different types of banners to choose from. You may just need a simple, single-sided banner to advertise your upcoming clearance sale or to let local citizens know the dates of the next festival in the park. Double sided banners are a great choice for signs suspended over the street or in corridors where people pass in both directions.

If you want something not so heavy-duty we have a lighter indoor cloth and a slightly heavier weight outdoor cloth for your flag or banner. Businesses often use cloth banners to let customers know about their products or when something is on sale. You can keep your banner in the back room and have an easy marketing tool to trot out when the time comes.

In terms of maximizing your marketing dollar, nothing catches the eye quite like a large vinyl or cloth banner, fluttering in the California Central Coast breeze. If you’re not a local San Luis Obispo County business, no worries… Genoa offers fast turnaround and hassle-free shipping to anywhere in the US.

Worried you don’t have an easy way to display the banner? Fortunately, Genoa also has banner stands to solve that problem.

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