Magnetic Signs

Make Use of Space with Magnetic Signs

Marketing can take a lot of time, and for an active business owner, time is a precious asset. Take advantage of your hours out on the road by putting your business name and service offerings on the side or back of your vehicle with a magnetic sign. That way, you will make thousands of impressions on people every day just by going on calls or running errands.

Potential customers will even be exposed to your business information while your vehicle is parked.

Not ready to commit to a full graphic wrap on your vehicle? Maybe you are hoping to upgrade to a different car before taking that step? For portable and usable ads that are easy to move from one place to another, few options beat a magnetic sign.

Magnetic signs work perfectly when affixed to the side of trucks or other vehicles you use as a part of your business. You can advertise with a clear, high-resolution graphic and have flexibility with where you put it. While these magnets are durable enough to endure being battered by the elements as you drive, they are also easy to apply and remove.

Magnetic signs aren’t just for vehicles either. Any metal surface from a file cabinet to a refrigerator will do. Small magnetic signs can be better than business cards, because your contacts can put them up in their office for all their coworkers and clients to see.

Just send us your logo and the information you would like on your magnetic sign and the Genoa design team will create an eye-catching sign that will be fully legible and sharp close up, from far away, or while in motion. We will print these graphics on our Roland Soljet Pro III XJ printer, one of the most up to date pieces of technology for high-resolution, oversized print jobs.

There is no need to neglect marketing when it is as easy as slapping a magnetic sign to your vehicle, so give us a call to get started.

Whether it’s a car, truck, van or even a refrigerator, magnetic signs are a great way to temporarily brand any steel substrate. We can produce colorful, durable magnetic signs digitally or screen printed. Applications include:

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