Outdoor Flags

Stay Dynamic and Adaptable with Outdoor Flags
In our million-mile-an-hour world, getting the attention of your potential customers is a major challenge. Draw people toward your store and your sales with the eye-catching images on outdoor flags.

Even when spotted from the road, outdoor flags can get the attention of passing motorists, sending a quick and effective message. Flags are also effective attention-getters at outdoor festivals, letting people know which direction they should go to find you and your products.

The Genoa team will provide an open weave or closed weave printed flag with crystal-clear, high-resolution graphics along with whatever type of pole and stand you select. These fabric-printed graphics are clearly visible to passersby from both sides of the flag.

Count on strength from the aluminum flagpoles we supply along with your graphic images. You can get either a ground stake that goes deep into the earth, or a sturdy, hard surface stand. Some of these bases have built in reservoirs for up to 18 gallons of water, making it heavy enough to stay in place when you need it to and light enough to carry once you need to move it or store it. Many of our poles also telescope to smaller sizes for easy storage.

Flag stands are designed to withstand and even thrive in windy conditions, and include a mechanism for swiveling in the wind. This durable yet flexible design also makes it less likely that the flag will get twisted around the pole so that people can no longer read it.

Outdoor flags from Genoa are made to last a long time, even after being out in the elements. Contact our designers, and we will help you optimize your graphics for fabric printing, so what you put on your flag will be as easy-to-see as possible.

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