3M Certified Installers

Why Use a 3M Certified Installer?

One way we at Genoa distinguish ourselves from other graphic installation companies is our 3M Certification.

How does that 3M Certification make a difference to your business’ image?

Established for 10 years, 3M is a group that upholds the standards of graphics installation. At the most basic level, that means:

  • The highest-quality materials to catch more eyes and spread your message further
  • Smart, capable, and reliable technicians adhering decals and wraps to your vehicle
  • No amateurish mistakes like air bubbles or seams

In other words: you can be confident that our work will look ordered, clean, and clear and be carried out with best practices not just when it comes to the craft, but with customer service as well. Our professionalism and superior work will also, in turn, make your business look even more professional.

Beyond the points listed above, 3M Certification means that Genoa is recognized as one of the top companies in the industry and is part of a group of elite graphic installers across the country. Our staff is constantly networking with other 3M Certified companies and continuing to learn new techniques and technologies to sharpen our skills even further.

3M certification also means that no matter where you are, we can use our network to deliver the finished graphics to you. Even if you are on the East Coast, if you order graphics from us, we can ship the finished product to where you are. Then, we will contact another 3M Certified installer in your local community to install the graphics for you.

Our 3M Certification means you can expect consistency, professionalism, and materials that the top workers in the industry agree are the most effective on the market. Look for the 3M Certification anytime you want a vehicle ad wrap, graphics, or decals, and you’ll know that you’ll be getting the best.

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