Design & Layout

Specialized Skills Make for Eye-Catching Ads

Not sure of the best way to display your business information on your vehicle? Worried that your design will create a vehicle wrap that looks not-quite-right?

You can stop worrying. We’ve got a team of experienced vehicle graphic designers that can help.

When you drive your ad-wrapped vehicle or display your window graphics, potential customers should not have to squint to read your business information. We can help you strike the right balance of being true to your brand’s style while making sure your imagery really gets you noticed on the road. Each artistic element from your business name to your logo will be carefully placed on your vehicle by our experienced layout experts.

The graphics team at Genoa has specific know-how when it comes to vehicle graphics, which is a unique and effective way to advertise. Our designers are experienced in scaling logos, lettering, and other images to be clearly read on the side of a car, truck, or van. We optimize the colors, the line weights, and other intricate details that go into creating vehicle graphics that get positive attention. We will make sure you are satisfied with how your graphics look before continuing onto the installation process.

Once you approve the design, we print the vinyl graphics on our Roland Soljet Pro III XJ printer, which boldly displays images with 1440×1440 dpi. Next, one of our 3M Certified installers will apply the finished and approved graphics to your vehicle with a professional hand. Even if you need graphics for a fleet of vehicles on the other side of the country, we will use our connection to the network of 3M Certified Installers so a vetted technician can complete the work for you.

Leave the design work to us. We will use our expertise to create your mobile billboard so you can start turning heads all over town.

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