Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs: Even-More-Movable Marketing

Score points for cost-effectiveness when you advertise with a magnetic sign made by our Genoa 3M Certified technicians.

Maybe you are unsure about which vehicle you will use most consistently for your business, and are trying a couple of different options.

Perhaps you are ready to start advertising right away, but know you will be getting a new vehicle soon and are afraid to make a mistake with a more permanent graphics solution…

No problem.

A magnetic sign can be transferred easily from one vehicle to another without any damage to your paint job. You don’t need to waste time in limbo, wondering whether you should commit to a full vehicle ad wrap. You can get the benefit of thousands of impressions every day on potential customers as you travel from place to place, yet still leaving you the option to safely remove the sign if you need to.

Just like our other vehicle graphics, our magnetic signs are printed on a Roland Soljet Pro III XJ printer with high quality 1440×1440 dpi detail. Quality and visibility are never sacrificed, even on our magnetic vehicle signs, and full color images will be visible to those in traffic with you or those observing your vehicle sign when your truck, van, or car is parked.

Because of our 3M Certification, you can be assured of the high quality of the graphics and materials used to make them. Also, we are connected to a network of other 3M Certified businesses and technicians from all over the USA. That means, wherever you are in the country, Genoa is able to ship your magnetic sign to you and a 3M Certified contractor can make sure it gets onto your vehicle in tip-top condition.

For one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools, invest in a magnetic sign for your vehicle that will display your business contact information and logo to thousands of potential customers daily.

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