Dimensional Lettering

3D Logo Signs Add Professionalism & Style To Your Workplace

Dimensional letters last for decades and are an excellent long-term investment in your business. They can be laser cut with full color graphics to present a highly professional appearance.


Dimensional Lettering
Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters are made out of durable, high impact materials, and depending on the material of choice can be used both indoors or outdoors. Dimensional letters are a great way to showcase your business name and logo.

Create an impression

Put your business name on the outside of your building for customers to recognize, or create a sign that identifies the location of your business, no matter the color scheme or style of the building.

Stand out with 3D lettering

3D dimensional business lettering and signs give you an edge. They set you apart from the crowd and always get you noticed. Stand out in the Instagram era, where everything is flat, with a highly-visual and unique 3D dimensional sign. You can even apply light behind them to make them glow at night, adding another level of “wow” factor!

Stand the test of time with dimensional lettering

Dimensional business lettering is not just cool, it is eye-catching and long lasting. These types of letters have been made out of wood, metal and even plastic for decades. You can mount them on buildings, walls and anywhere else you would like to highlight your company name or logo. They stay put while other signage materials can be susceptible to wind and bad weather, which might force you to replace the letters or take them down altogether. Dimensional letter signs are sure to last for years to come!

Dimensional Lettering
Dimensional Lettering

3M Certified Installation Company

Being 3M certified means we have been trained and tested to professionally install vinyl graphics. Our installers will get the job done right the first time and it will last. Our nationwide network of 3M installers insures quality installations in all 50 states.

Custom Design Signs

Outdoor Signs

Your most effective advertising strategy is to let your customers see your message. Our signs and graphics are designed to help you create that visibility.

Indoor and Outdoor signs have a variety of materials and methods of construction. We only use high quality materials that will stand up to the environment.

No one size fits all, so our product line offers many options and features. You're sure to find what you need from Genoa Signs and Graphics to fit your needs.

The graphics team at Genoa has specific know-how when it comes to vehicle graphics, which is a unique and effective way to advertise. Our designers are experienced in scaling logos, lettering, and other images to be clearly read on the signs. We optimize the colors, the line weights, and other intricate details that go into creating graphics for signs that get positive attention. We will make sure you are satisfied with how your graphics look before continuing onto the installation process.

Leave the design work to us

We will use our expertise to elevate your brand.

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